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I invite you to share the healing secret that ancient yogis have known for thousands of years. Yoga Can and Does heal your mind, body and spirit. In addition, many respected institutions in the field of research, science and medicine are beginning to explore, test and document the many benefits of Yoga, physical activity, relaxation, meditation and stress managment techniques. Find relief from stress; heal from injury or illness; explore a new form of exercise to build strength and flexibility; discover a fulfilling personal path to calm, inner peace. Experience the benefits of Breathing, Relaxation and Meditation techniques, as you learn to respect your challenges as well as your strengths in physical poses.

Explore new and fun ways to achieve physical fitness, inner awareness and a calm, healthy vibrant life. More and More Men and Women are discovering they can get fit, build overall body strength and flexibility, rehabilitate injuries, manage chronic conditions, develop greater ability to focus the mind, and reduce stress and anxiety.

YOGA AND AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE IS ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE! So come, Explore and Experience all the wonderful, unexpected possiblities to gain Physical and Mental Harmony and Balance. I am a registered and Certified Yoga Instructor; Certified Stress Management Educator; Certified Fit & Strong! Instructor; Stanford University Certified Chronic Condition Self-Management Leader and Diabetes Self-Management Leader. My classes will provide you with the personal attention and information which will enable you to progress safely and confidently in your practice.

Much Love and Light - Dorothy  

Camel Yoga Pose
Ustrasana Variation - Camel Pose

Tree Pose Yoga Pose
Vrksasana - Tree Pose